new music: PVRIS – White Noise

Hailing from Massachusetts, alternative three piece PVRIS have recently released their latest EP ‘White Noise’ seeing the band grow to create a huge fanbase with over 17,000 followers on Twitter alone. Quite a feat for a band that have only released one EP formally and one acoustic EP on the Soundcloud page.

‘White Noise’ is taken from that latest EP as the title track and features vocals with a great harmonious quality and plenty of huge beats from big drums and electronic drums. The choruses are massive and almost strive for that epic nature with it’s grandiose sounds, a breakdown after the first chorus sees a moment of calm before hitting back into the verse giving the chorus an extra level of poignancy. It is an emotional track now just from the way the vocals soar and the music is delivered but from the lyrical content which speaks of aching, suffocating and not being able to be heard. A really great track explaining exactly why this band has become so popular amongst so many already.

To find out more about PVRIS visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @ThisIsPVRIS

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