Sheffield Showcase #8: Mookau

Every month, Mixtape Couture will be showcasing and shining a light on the talent that can be found in Sheffield. From bands to fashion brands, shops to restaurants, events to exhibitions, if it’s in Sheffield and it’s worth you knowing about then I will be letting you know. Whether you are a Sheffield resident yourself or are planning a visit one day [which I highly recommend] then hopefully this feature will help you to know where to visit, what to do and what’s going on in the Steel City.

This month, I have decided to feature a great little store situated on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield called Mookau. I first visited the store back in March before me and mum went to Fancie, just down the street, for a lovely Mother’s Day meal. It was by far a shop that drew me in from the look of it on the outside as a shop I knew that I would love instantly. With great window displays, a cute interior, pastel colours and quirky items galore it is the perfect destination from great homewares, beautiful cards, jewellery and accessories as a little treat for you or someone else.

On that first visit, me and mum did both end up coming away with something, myself a cute little birdcage locket style ring [pictured below] and my mum bought some beautiful lights to decorate her bedroom with. Both items were not only ridiculously cute and very pretty but also reasonably priced like everything else in the shop in my opinion. A lot of shops that sell similar styles of products do tend to hike their prices up for being an independent store but Mookau keep their prices reasonable and pocket friendly. Whether it is something for yourself or a present for someone special, you know that you will get something lovely, most likely unique and all for a very decent price.

Since then I’ve been back once and nearly bought myself a flamingo skirt, an owl bag and a fox purse and I nearly bought my mum a butterfly purse too. There is just so much choice that it is impossible to leave the shop without a purchase or at least some ideas on what you want. With handmade jewellery from Layla Amber, cat satchels from Disaster Designs, cute greeting cards and mugs from Gemma Correll, craft accessories from twine to buttons as well as coasters, ornaments, lights, pencil cases, cosmetic bags with animals on and much, much more there is something for everyone from the girl who loves crafting to the man who loves cooking.

I wish I got over to Ecclesall Road more often to check out the stock a bit more regularly but I guess it is a good thing for my bank balance that I don’t. Regardless Mookau will always be one of my favourite independent stores in Sheffield and somewhere I will constantly look in for pieces for me, the home or for present ideas. Thank you Mookau for offering some much needed wonder and brilliance to the market in Sheffield.

Mookau is situated at 391 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield, S11 8PG. To find out more about Mookau visit their Facebook page.

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