new music: Sunset Sons

Australian meets UK based band Sunset Sons met from a shared love of surfing which led on to the guys making music together and then naming their very first EP ‘Le Surfing’. Starting out by covering tracks like many bands before putting their music making talents to good use and taking their career further with the release of their own material and touring lots creating a buzz around themselves with exciting live performances.

The band have recently released their new EP ‘No Bad Eyes’ which features 4 new tracks from the band including the track above ‘Remember’, a track which starts off with a soft piano line backing up the vocals. Ringing guitar strums, soft drum hits and a melodic guitar hook are all added giving this slow, mellow track a catchy edge that will see heads nodding and hips swaying. It is quite different to a lot of other tracks I’ve heard around at the moment and that is what makes this all the more interesting to listen to.

To find out more about Sunset Sons visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @sunsetsons

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