new music: Pleasure House

Birmingham four piece Pleasure House are one of the latest signings of newly launched indie label Feutral Records. The label was set up in order to sign and promote the hidden gems of the rock and indie scene in the city. These guys signed their contract last month and since then they have already made even more of a name for themselves by playing Feutral’s launch event on November 5th along with Worcester’s Chase The Deer and acoustic duo Langford and Hicks. You can check the guys performance out on YouTube here.

The band came together at the beginning of the year and below is their debut single ‘Blow My Mind’, a great and confident first release from the quartet. This track features on the band’s debut 6 track long EP which you can download now for free from their Soundcloud page.

‘Blow My Mind’ is a fast tempoed rock meets indie track with strong beats, a very prominent bass line and chilled out melodies that make you want to sway along to the music. The vocals have a slight nonchalant tone to them which adds to that chilled out vibe and makes this track one that is as easy to listen to as it is likely to get stuck in your head. If you are after an indie/rock band from Birmingham with a laid back edge and just a tinge of throwback sounds then Pleasure House are the act for you to check out now.

To find out more about Pleasure House visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @pleasurehouseuk

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