new music: Me For Queen – Slow Jam [Look Out]

Today, a track that is not only good but that has a serious message to go along with it. London based band Me For Queen have teamed up with charity Brake to create a track for Road Safety Week aimed at calling on drivers to slow down and save lives. The main message of the track comes from the line “I’ll look out for you, if you look out for me.”, a very simple yet poignant message especially at this time of year. I must admit when the press release landed in my inbox I was slightly cautious about how the track would sound but it is actually a very good and well produced track that put across it’s message well whilst also being a track you could sit and listen to on any occasion.

Starting slowly with vocals telling of a heartbreaking story of tragedy set against soft guitar before reaching a chorus of brass instruments, slow rhythms from the drums and a great swaying melody. It really is a very good song that for me sets the bar very high for songs with a message to them. Not only take the time to check this song out for its cause but also because it is very good which great vocal harmonies and wonderful melodies that weave their way throughout this slow and poignant track.

To find out more about Me For Queen visit their Soundcloud page and their Facebook page

To find out more about the cause behind the song visit Road Safety Week’s website, the Facebook page for Brake charity or check out their Twitter page – @Brakecharity or follow/use the hashtags – #RoadSafetyWeek and #LookOutForEachOther

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