EP Review: Cut Ribbons – Sail

Cut Ribbons
Out Now

Wales Indie Pop quintet Cut Ribbons have quickly become a favourite of mine. After seeing them support Thumpers back in May this year, they impressed me with their catchy tracks, intricate melodies and beautiful, soaring vocals. Now the band is gearing up to release their new EP ‘Sail’ and it will be a great new chapter for the band to finish 2015 on.

Coming in with swirling guitar sounds, ‘Walking On Wires’ has an instant sound that will drag you in with hooks, catchy rhythms and wonderful dual vocals which sees a great harmonious male vocal set against the higher, almost angelic female voice. With handclaps and extra melodies from the backing vocals in the choruses it all adds to that infectious nature coming from the fast drums and guitar strums. This is a great opener that pulls you in and makes you want to carry on listening, as a standalone track it is easy to see why this has been released prior.

Vocal harmonies and synths open ‘In The Rain’ before cymbals crash in giving a huge sound to the track from the off. This subsides during quieter verses where voices are left to really shine portraying the story of the lyrics only set against calm drums and a fluctuating synth. Choruses see those soaring vocal harmonies set against repeated lyrics of “in the rain, in the rain, feels like we’re drowning”. This is a great live track working perfectly in a small club to really get the crowd moving, something you can tell from the atmosphere and rhythms created throughout.

Oscillating guitar strums bring us into ‘Sink Ships’ building up before adding a great bass line and soft vocals. An occasional drum beat is added and the heavy hit of it adds drama to this beautiful opening which is building up to big choruses of huge drums, swaying moments and tinkling sounds littered throughout. A really wonderful track which is fitting of the word, epic.

Those angelic tones open final track ‘I’m A Wretch’ where they are set starkly against silence before a soft guitar is added, backing up the vocals without overplaying their part. All the sounds build gradually while the male vocal makes an appearance harmonising wonderfully. This one grows through quicker drums, a faster guitar line and echoey, retro tinged moments cumulating in a great atmosphere surrounding the lyrics which speak of love and the effects it can have on you with lines such as “love, love, I’m a wretch”.

This is such a great EP that will clearly be a gem in the band’s catalogue of releases not just now but for years to come. If you didn’t already think this band were one to keep an eye on for exciting things in the future then this EP will surely change your mind about that. A very, very good release.

Check out ‘Walking on Wires’ from the EP below:

To find out more about Cut Ribbons visit their website, their Facebook page, thier Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @cutribbons

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