new music: Matinee – Missing Pieces of a Jigsaw

East London quartet Matinee have had a pretty amazing 12 months which has seen them gain a massive following online as well as commendation from the likes of NME, Q and Amazing Radio to name a few. Named after the Franz Ferdinand track ‘Matinee’ the band went straight on tour supporting a band they befriended whilst in Italy. From then on they’ve grown to playing their own shows in Europe and the UK but now the band are back with a brand new single ‘Missing Pieces of a Jigsaw’ produced by Tony Doogan [Mogwai, Glasvegas].

With melody the main focus of the track, the guitars are hook laden while synths litter the track with high pitched notes. The drums create a good rhythm as a basis for the danceable melodies to sit on. This is all in contrast to the more emotional and serious lyrical content where the vocals speak of the broken secrets of love. Taking a story of love’s more difficult moments and turning into a catchy pop song may be a formula that has is as common as the cold in winter but these guys have produced a good one here with ‘Missing Pieces of a Jigsaw’.

To find out more about Matinee visit their website, their Facebook page, their YouTube channel or you can follow them on Twitter – @Matineeband

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