ootd: Velvet Checks

 photo IMG_2549_zps9c13e342.jpg

 photo IMG_2541_zps5d088ce5.jpg

 photo IMG_2537_zps874a6bea.jpg  photo IMG_2551_zpsca1d722a.jpg

 photo IMG_2533_zpscf14569b.jpg

 photo IMG_2550_zps6ca27373.jpg

 photo IMG_2557_zpsecd0fdd9.jpg

 photo IMG_2542_zps61057dea.jpg

 photo IMG_2546_zps57419dd7.jpg  photo IMG_2539_zps0dc8c2f3.jpg

 photo IMG_2532_zpsca23df6b.jpg

 photo IMG_2555_zpsfeab2849.jpg

Black Velvet and Lace Playsuit – Topshop / Monochrome Dogtooth Blazer – New Look / Silver Boots – Dorothy Perkins / Gold Box Clutch – H&M / Gold Chain – H&M / Rose Gold Watch – Avon / Red Stone Ring – The Lanes, Meadowhall

The monochrome colour palette is back and dominating my wardrobe and I don’t even have a ridiculously bright colour to fend off the basic shades this time either. I’ve mentioned a lot before that as I have got older my focus is more on classic shapes and styles, basic colour palettes with pops of colour and minimalistic chic where I basically wish I could dress as impeccably as a Parisian girl. I still have that love of colour and pattern but sometimes it’s nice to pretend to be a proper grown up with a proper and more streamlined wardrobe to go with it. And we definitely have to pretend that I have a streamlined wardrobe because that really is one word I would not use for it.

This black velvet playsuit from Topshop is probably one of my favourite sale buys of all time. I bought it last year and it is something that I adore so much. Not just because it is velvet, though that is a very good reason to adore an item of clothing, but because of the contrast between heavy rich velvet and light fragile lace, the basic black colour which is made all the more interesting in the way the pile of the velvet sits and the way it catches the light. It is a simple piece that I can dress up or par down, here I’ve gone for a mix between the two something perfect for a meal, occasion or night out without being too dressy but looking like you have made an effort.

Pairing the plain black with my favourite dogtooth monochrome oversized blazer from New Look was a no brainer, it may be getting a little cold to wear just this as a coat right now but it is still one of my favourite throw on and go pieces that I know will compliment a t-shirt and jeans as much as a posh dress. The boots are, if you haven’t gathered by now, a complete favourite of mine and if I could wear them every single day I would no questions. Comfort and prettiness all in one heeled boot.

The accents I used here was from the bag and jewellery. The gold box clutch from H&M that I picked up last year still remains a great statement accessory that suits pretty much every outfit. Jewellery-wise I mixed up my metals as I always seem to do – gold chain from H&M, rose gold watch from Avon and this great new ring purchase from one of the jewellery stores on The Lanes in Meadowhall. I love the deep red stone and for only £10 this was a bargain. They have some great rings down there, especially some moonstone ones, so I may have to make my way down there again soon and pick up another beauty.

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