tracks of the week #74

Thumpers – Devotee [feat. Jena Malone]

Another track from my favourite alt-pop act was released last week and again it was another brilliant one. With their signature synth sounds, huge drum beats, great atmospherics and catchy indie meets pop choruses, this is one that will inevitably be stuck in your head for days on end. With guest vocals from Jena Malone of indie pop act The Shoe, their hollow and harmonious nature works very well with the lead male vocal and the soaring group backing vocals. A slightly more subdued release from the band in terms of tempo but it is yet another great one from the band that just can do no wrong at the moment.

James Veck-Gilodi – Holes

This first solo track from Deaf Havana lead singer/guitarist James Veck-Gilodi is a wonderful acoustic folk influenced number and very opposite of the majority of music Veck-Gilodi’s band have created over the years. The song has a great basic rhythm and wonderful guitar melodies but the real highlight for me is really getting to hear Veck-Gilodi’s vocals perfectly and seeing just how great a voice he really has. As Deaf Havana have changed their sound with their latest album becoming more of a standard rock band, this has shown how far other softer sounds have influenced the band over the years. This is a great indicator of hopefully more to come from the singer/guitarist.

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