new music: To Kill A King – Exit, Pursued By Bear

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The wonderful To Kill A King have very recently released their latest EP ‘Exit, Pursued By Bear’ which is yet another impressive piece of work from the band. After the success of the great debut album ‘Cannibals With Cutlery’ the band have been on non-stop tour around the UK, Europe, USA and appearing on plenty of festival bills. Though some time between all that touring the band have managed to squeeze in recording 5 new tracks, all of which carry on their epic rock meets ambient indie sound but made even better.

The above track ‘Love Is Coal’ is my favourite on the EP and is an incredible moment of calm with a lyrical love story with a poignant edge told through the great tone of the main vocal and only backed up by sparse and steady guitar plucks and haunting backing vocals. Two thirds through, the pace starts to pick up with a more dance fuelled beat coming in taking us up to a final chorus of squealing guitars, more sinister, deeper vocals and bigger drum sounds.

From the openings of first track ‘Oh My Love’ this EP grabs you and pulls you into the grand sounds that To Kill A King love to make. Ralph Pelleymounter’s vocals will always be a great feature of their music with its unique sound and soulful tones, while musically from beginning to end there’s soft acoustic guitars and gentle, flowing sounds that all build into huge, showstopper choruses of crashing cymbals, grand wind instruments weaved throughout and soaring vocal harmonies. This is by far one of the best EP releases of the year and it perfectly showcases what more is hopefully to come from the band next year.

The EP is available to download or buy now from Xtra Mile Recordings website. The band are also heading out on tour next March starting in Nottingham on the 6th and finishing up in London on the 14th taking in Glasgow, Leeds and Brighton among more, find out more here.

To find out more about To Kill A King visit their website, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @ToKillAKing

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