Manchester’s Science Festival Presents: #HookedOnMusic

A few months ago I tweeted about the #HookedOnMusic experiment that was taking place online where you could take part by listening to bits of songs and seeing if you could recognise what it was. It was quite a fun game in itself but the purpose was for scientists to see how our brains react to tunes and remembering them and the triggers certain sounds have. Now the results are in and there will be an event at the Manchester Science Festival to celebrate on 1st November.

It is a night where music and science will go head to head over the results and their opinions. Manchester’s music elite such as Hacienda legend DJ Dave Haslam and other industry producers will ask questions and take part in a debate with Dr Ashley Burgoyne as he delivers his results on where the ‘sweet spot’ lies between science and music to form a hit record. It should be an interesting night discussing music and how it makes our brains work and if there is really any actual science behind it.

Dr Marieke Navin, Director of Manchester Science Festival at the Museum of Science & Industry had this to say about the night; “People have been playing the game #HookedOnMusic for months, it’s now time to put the results of the experiment to the test. What really makes a hook, and what makes a hit.”

The evening through to night event will also feature a DJ set from Dave Haslam and a silent Disco. It’s free to enter the event but booking is required [you can book here] and if you get the chance to be there you should as it will be a Saturday night with a difference. Debates, DJ set’s, dancing, drinking and a silent disco in an unusual venue in interesting circumstances.

The #HookedOnMusic event is part of the Manchester Science Festival, to find out more about the festival visit their website and to book tickets for the event visit this webpage.

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