new music: Inherit The Stars – On Our Own

Sheffield’s very own metalcore masters are set to release their new EP ‘Beyond The Beacons’ this December, in the run up to the release the boys have kindly put up a YouTube stream of one of the tracks taken from that EP ‘On Our Own’ which you can check out above. The track itself is a great mix of distorted vocals, electronic undertones, heavy riffs, soft guitar build up’s and a hardcore sound which sounds nostalgic and fresh all at the same time. It’s a great track packed full of great musical moments and a catchy yet heavy chorus, already from this first track I can hear a progression in the band’s sound and it makes me even more excited to hear that new EP.

The EP has been produced again by long time friend and collaborator Jim Pinder [Fightstar/While She Sleeps] and together they have produced 5 tracks which brings together sounds from the worlds of metal, pop punk, post-hardcore and electronica. This should be a huge step forward for the band in terms of sound and I can only see them becoming bigger and bigger on the UK alternative scene. 2 singles are set to be released from the EP which is due to drop on 8th December this year and live dates for next year will also be announced soon, so keep an eye out for all of that! It’s set to be a great end to 2014 for Inherit The Stars and hopefully a wonderful 2015 for them too.

To find out more about Inherit The Stars visit their website, their Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter – @InheritOfficial

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