Album Review: Antethic – Origin


Russian rock meets metal band Antethic have recently released their debut album ‘Origin’ which sees the band mix sounds from the world of metal, prog rock, electronic and ambient to create something truly different. The band have already released a couple of EP’s before the album and the band pride themselves on changing and quite often bettering their sound with every opus. With that in mind the recent LP should be one of more experimentation, better consistency and a hell of a lot of good sounds on offer.

We build up softly into this album with ‘Time Forward’ whose opening notes echo around the track before deep bass and tinkling, short guitar riffs appear alongside throbbing, sci-fi style sounds. The percussion creates a wonderful and precise rhythm with the great bass line being the main focus throughout while ringing yet hollow guitar strums and screeching prog-rock notes are layered over the top. The pace quickens towards the halfway point with faster drums, Muse-style electronics and electro riffs making this a really great modern day prog meets metal track and a drama laden opener.

Atmospheric space electronics reverberate around ‘Cheliuskin’ giving it a heavy and sinister tone, little drum build ups and cymbal crashes add an extra element of tension to this track which is already so full of suspense. If you want a song that could soundtrack the next Star Trek film then would easily fulfil that role, a modern day rock epic if ever I heard one and 9 minutes of pure joy.

Whereas ‘Old Maui Girls’ is all about the pulsating dubby bass sounds and oscillating guitar chords that kick this off and ebb and flow creating a flowing calm on ‘Origin’. With only soft sounds layered on top of each other, it gives that threatening bass line even more gusto and turning it into a storming, prominent force.

Yo-yoing guitar, an electronic drum beat and melodic moments ring throughout ‘This Game Has No Name’. Sparkling chimes and atmospheric notes are added along with a jazzy, upbeat layer of sound all of which are built on top of the basic structure underneath. This is less dramatic than the others focusing more on uplifting and happy sounds with huge choruses.

Hi-hats, hard hit drums and tinkling intricate guitar chords open ‘Morning Glory’ before edgy, reverbed guitar riffs, heavier drums and cymbals all crash in. It is the shortest song on the album but it still manages to retain a bit of edge and interest with great sounds throughout.

Psychedelic sounds rebound around the opening of final track ‘White Whale’ giving a slightly altered take on the band’s musical abilities compared to the rest of the album so far. Though that suddenly stops becoming a rock track with a catchy, European style undertone to the graduating plucked strings that sit quite comfortably alongside chaotic drums, cymbals and a scuzzy metal riff. It is a dramatic end to the album fitting perfectly alongside the tension and epic moments that have gone before.

This may be an instrumental album but it is one that packs more of a punch sonically than a lot of other mainstream albums I’ve heard this year. This is where you will find rock, metal, psychedelia, electronic and classical all colliding into one another in what ends up being a spectacular and astounding listen.

Check out the album below and download it from their Bandcamp page now.

Origin by Antethic

To find out more about Antethic visit their Facebook page, their Bandcamp page, their Soundcloud page or their YouTube page.

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