The Basics

Fashion Basics with M&S

As I’ve got older I’ve come to appreciate simplicity and quality in all aspects of my life but particularly fashion. Now don’t get me wrong I won’t be ditching the bright tights or insane patterns anytime soon but I feel like now is a very good time for me to invest in the basics for my wardrobe and creating a capsule collection of clothes and cuts that will never not be stylish. Now all of these pieces are from M&S and that is purely because of my deep found love for the brand, they’ve not got in touch to ask for a promo style post or I would have made you all aware of that, I just have a huge love for this beacon of our great British High Street.

As a child, my grandma took me to M&S at the beginning of every school year to kit me out in the best quality stuff much to my mother’s approval especially when my grandma was the one who footed the bill too. I remember days stood in the middle of M&S trying on countless pairs of shoes, many shirts and way too many pairs of trousers and skirts than any child should have to but the things she bought stood the test of time and it is that early experience that has always stuck with me for them being a brand and name synonymous with quality.

For that reason when I looked to putting a wishlist of the basics I need to own together there was only one place to look. I am planning after I get back from my holiday on going to M&S to stock up on some of these basics anyway so this is window shopping and ideas gathering for then. So I chose the complete basics minus a striped tee [because I already have many of them] and a decent skirt [because again I already have one of those] saying that though I have included the blue trench something of which I added to my wardrobe earlier this year with an absolute bargain of a quality piece of eBay for just over a tenner and serious vintage quality it is that it is by far my most prized eBay purchase to date.

Here though I have included black boots because no girl can be without at least 3 pairs of those [let’s be honest] and loafers which I am actually after at the minute. I do actually really like these patent ones even though I usually steer well clear of patent but I like these and I can confirm from past experience that the quality of these shoes will mean they last for years. A plain black slip dress is something I desperately want at the moment along with a crisp white long sleeve shirt and a pair of fitted trousers that genuinely fit my shape for the first time since my primary school days. A grey boucle style blazer is an addition to my wardrobe I feel I need after finally getting my hands on a perfect black blazer recently. And to pull everything together a stand out but basic and big bag because that is what every woman needs. I already have a black Marc Jacobs beauty that fulfils that role but I couldn’t resist this red one as a nice pop of colour against any basic outfit but with it being red it will last many a season.

What’s your opinion on M&S and are they the place you would go for quality basic wardrobe pieces?

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