new music: Club Smith

Browsing through Spotify’s Discover section occasionally pulls up a few gems and these guys that I’m going to introduce you today are most certainly one of those gems. Club Smith are an indie trio from Leeds who have been together since 2009 releasing a debut full length album in 2012 and a follow up EP in 2013 across that time which has seen them build up a loyal fanbase over the years.

The above track ‘No Friend of Mine’ was the first track I heard from the band and was the single to be taken from their debut ‘Appetite For Chivalry’. Pounding drums, authoritative vocal tones and dirty guitars all create a slightly sinister edge and a murky atmosphere to this one, it’s catchy as hell as well mind. While ‘Lament’ [featured below] is a slightly calmer track with a softer build up where more harmonious vocals take centre stage guiding us to a chorus of soaring notes, fast guitars and a great rhythm all take the fore while ‘Beautiful and Useless’ has a slightly funky opening with a jazzy bassline and a vocal style that matches the start-stop rhythm created by the drum hits and mini riffs.

At the moment, the band are currently writing and recording the follow up and usually dubbed difficult second album which hopefully will be released later on this year. With only sparse updates on their social media accounts over the last few months, it seems like the band are putting everything into creating the best next chapter that they possibly can.

It may not be the busiest time for the band at the moment in terms of touring and promoting but these guys are definitely one to keep an eye on as when their second album finally does drop it is sure to be one to check out. Until then you can check out their music on Spotify and you can download their album from iTunes now.

Check out ‘Lament’ taken from the band’s debut album below:

To find out more about Club Smith visit their website, their Facebook page or their Soundcloud page

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