new music: Deaf Crows

My featured new music act this week is Deaf Crows, a great two piece rock meets blues act from Sheffield. With so many new music nights and bands in and around Sheffield recently, it makes for a pretty crowded scene but if anything that makes it easier for the good and the talented to stand out. That is exactly what these guys do with their rock riffs, great rhythms and a slight blues undertone as they are an act from the Steel City to keep an eye on.

The duo started out in 2013 when guitarist/vocalist Jack and drummer Aeddan were in the studio recording for their previous band. The two of them started to play around with blues sounds, catchy beats and an octave pedal and as songs easily came about Deaf Crows was born.

Above is the track ‘South China Sea’ which is all huge fuzzy riffs, a big drum sound that retains a great rhythm and a true rock’n’roll sound which is brought bang up to date with melodic breakdowns and elongated, echoey vocals. While ‘Ruby Reds’ keeps with dirty guitar and echoing vocals but the drums are calmer and quieter here. There is a much more sultry vibe to this one as sounds flow perfectly into one another before huge choruses that see soaring vocals and crashing cymbals.

When I saw the band recently at the Paul Venkman Presents night at West Street Live, I was instantly impressed with their sound, here is the mini review I wrote while watching the guys; “Classic rock and roll with a blues edge, plenty of riffs and big drum sound, to say they are a two piece they make a hell if a lot of noise, like black keys if they found a bit more soul to their poppy catchy sound, rhythms that make you want to shake your hips. Great act, have so much potential.”

Since starting out, the pair have been playing headline slots in and around Sheffield along with working alongside great people such as Fourth City and Paul Venkman Promotions. They have also recently been featured on BBC Introducing in Sheffield and Noize Level Critical Internet Radio with their track ‘South China Sea’ gaining the reaction; “THIS is why I don’t complain about Sheffield two piece bands…Oh yes, we’ll have more of that please…” from BBC Sheffield’s Introducing Christian Carlisle.

Due to release their debut EP this Autumn as well as having plenty more shows lined up in Sheffield at the likes of The Hop [tonight and on 9th November] and West Street Live [October 20th and 29th].

Check out their latest track ‘Bones’ below:

To find out more about the band visit their Facebook page, their YouTube page or their Soundcloud page. You can also follow them on Instagram – @deafcrows and Twitter – @DeafCrows

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