EP Review: Way José – Stay The Light

Way José
Stay The Light

Way José is the solo project of producer Daniel DeMento who fuses psychedelic and rock with Latin tones and cinematic moments. This is a collaborative project that sees DeMento work with many other bands/artists from the Bay Area including Feather Bright, Website and Wildhawk. The San Francisco based artist has recently released the ‘Stay The Light’ EP which sees some great music along with very good music videos to accompany each track.

The EP starts with ‘Buck’ and its funky bass line and jazz elements added on top with the soft, rhythmical drums, trumpets and layers of harmonious vocals in a round that gives this a real atmosphere of being performed in a live setting. It all sounds like a bit of a mid-set jam by a jazz/rock act, it is great how it all comes together and as a standalone track it really is fantastic.

Long lamenting violin, Latin influenced plucked guitar strings and a breathy female vocal give ‘Stay In The Light’ a great, almost exotic feel to it. It is dark in parts with the richness of sounds while drums pad along creating a steady rhythm; this is probably my favourite of the EP. While twanging guitar strings and deep bass ripple through the beginning of ‘The Humbling Hum’. There is a slight hip hop feel from the beats and the vocal delivery but a classic rock riff and a grand piano line, which would not seem out of place on an 80’s rock ballad, give this a mish-mashed but great sound.

Spoken words that speak of loneliness open ‘Broken’ before funky bass and saxophones pick up the tempo while violins add a classical, grounding element to the choruses. There is a feel of 50’s film noir to this one especially towards the middle of the track with the sensual saxophones, steady drums and piano line alongside the spoken sultry female voice. But it is fast violins, quick bass and very jazz influenced sounds that quicken the pace to play us out with a final grand sweep.

Final track ‘The Wind Came Up’ opens with deep pounding drums with chimes and tings ringing around the track. Echoey female and male vocals compliment the atmosphere created by that sparse and basic music in the background. It is clear that the vocals are the main feature here as the lyrics tell a slightly surreal story of looking and waiting for someone.

Check out the video for my favourite track on the EP ‘Stay In The Light’ below:

You can download the EP now from iTunes

To find out more about Way José visit the Bandcamp page, the Facebook page, the YouTube page or you can follow the project on Twitter – @iamwayjose


Ep Cover

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