new music: Speaking In Shadows – Technicolour Trainwreck

I’ve said many times before that social media, specifically Twitter, is such a good way to discover new acts these days and this band were no exception. After a tweet to check out their track containing a link to this video, they were a band I knew I had to bring to your attention.

Speaking In Shadows are an alt/rock 5 piece from Nuneaton creating some very good tracks and becoming a great example of just exactly how good the alt-rock scene in the UK is these days. Having been a band for 4 years and spending that time constantly playing in their hometown and beyond as well as releasing a debut album ‘Standing At The Edge’, these guys are doing everything they can to get their music out there to as many people as possible and it seems they are reaping the rewards of that as well.

Above track is the lead single ‘Technicolour Trainwreck’ from their new EP ‘The Lies We Lead’ and it is one that grabs your attention straight away as it kicks straight into fast pounding drums, quick riffs and heavy riffs before a melodic voice comes through taking us wonderfully through the track. Catchy little hooks and sing along choruses are what takes this track from a very good alt-rock track into a brilliant, well crafted song that will go down a treat live.

The band have recently released the follow up their debut album in the form of the ‘The Lies We Lead’ EP which is available to buy from their Bigcartel store or download from iTunes. The band are also going to be touring at the beginning of September starting in Newcastle on 1st and finishing in London on 7th with support coming from Summer City and King Canute, you can find out more about the tour here. With so much going on and plenty of fans behind them, it seems like a brilliant time for Speaking In Shadows right now.

To find out more about Speaking In Shadows visit their website, their Facebook page, their YouTube page or you can follow them on Twitter – @officialSIS

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