tracks of the week #64

Tracks of the week time again and this week it is 2 of my all time favourite bands, a pop star with attitude that I’ve been a fan of for years and one new found discovery. Uplifting tracks to start this week before moving on to classic meets rock epics, more rock fuelled indie and a huge pop party starting track, don’t say I don’t keep you on your toes with my picks every week.

Arcade Fire – Wake Up

I seriously love Arcade Fire, they are in my opinion one of the standout bands of our generation. They are just consistently brilliant and when they headlined Glastonbury this year, for me, it was one of the most memorable sets I’ve ever watched. I may only have watched it on TV but I still felt like I was there watching every single moment. This track is totally euphoric and one of my favourites of theirs, the first album in its entirety as well as basically everything else they have done is just wonderful though in honesty.

Talons – Manatee

I caught these guys live at Tramlines this year and they were absolutely amazing, truly mind blowing. The only way I could describe them is as a rock opera epic as they manage to fuse heavy drums, intricate riffs and classical violins together like nothing else I have ever heard.

We Are Scientists – Textbook

We all know I love We Are Scientists and festival season always reminds me of that fact because no matter whether the guys have a new album out or not they always play a fair few of the British festivals and I always manage to catch their sets online or on the red button. I’m still waiting for the day when I get to see them live but until then I’ll just keep listening to their albums particularly their debut, which this track is from, which is one of my favourite debut albums of all time.

P!NK – Get The Party Started

If there is one female artist that I really do like but always forget to pay any sort of attention to when it comes to my writing it is P!NK. She released her first single before I even started secondary school but straight away she had my attention as a female artist doing something completely different from the whole Britney vs. Christina thing. I’ve always admired P!NK’s style and honest lyrics and for that reason I can relate to a lot of her songs which never really happens with pop tracks, they are empowering in many ways and they are pretty much always something you can either dance to or they are a bit of a ballad. It’s about time I started sharing my love for her tracks a little more because I could probably sing you her entire back catalogue of singles so it is clear that I love this woman and her music.

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