Primark Summer Haul

 photo IMG_1912_zpsb45f2597.jpg

At the start of every new season I like to have a big Primark shopping spree to pick up the basic and staple pieces I will need for that time of year like sandals for summer, thick socks for autumn and winter and cute basics for spring. Although this is my summer haul I haven’t actually picked up any sandals as I bought a lot in my Spring shopping spree there but I have still picked up plenty of footwear as well as a couple of bags and a cool pair of PJ’s.

 photo IMG_1918_zpsebfe69f5.jpg

Red Sailor Style Boater Shoes – these are so cute and I actually could not resist the bright colours and sailor vibes. Super comfy and super cheap.

 photo IMG_1919_zps71885b60.jpg

Black Lace Up Biker Style Boots – these are actually a purchase in preparation for winter. I do have a lot of boots but I had some boots like this a couple of years ago but constant wear meant I had to bin them. These are the only pair I’ve found closest to them and at £10 down from £20 they were a must have as these really will be perfect boots for snow and bad weather.

Brown Weaved Bag – I have a lot of small bags but never any I could take from day to night, this one however fits the bill very well. Big enough to hold the basics, with two inside pockets, sturdy and a good fastening, it was a total bargain at £6 especially when I’ve used it to death already.

 photo IMG_1921_zpsa3650f37.jpg

Silver Snake Print Skater Shoes – I’ve seen lots of these shoes online for around £20 and though I love them I couldn’t justify it when I don’t really need them. These were £6 and just as good quality in my opinion as Primark really have upped their shoe quality over the past year or so. The perfect comfy and casual shoe not just for summer but for all year round.

Star Wars PJ’s – Primark have some amazing PJ’s in at the moment, I really could buy them all. After picking up some Marvel ones a couple of months ago I picked up the Star Wars one this time, proof if ever you needed it that I am a total geek.

 photo IMG_1917_zps18545101.jpg

Black Cat Face Bag – Another cat face bag, I know I have a problem but when I see cats I usually end up buying it. This bag is pretty small and therefore not all that practical but it is a very cute accessory that I just could not resist.

Are you a season fashion hauler like me? And if so what is your store of choice?

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