ootd: white & orange

 photo IMG_2142_zps2c915e41.jpg

 photo IMG_2145_zps57966572.jpg

 photo IMG_2120_zps4d0617a6.jpg  photo IMG_2136_zps82c79f4d.jpg

 photo IMG_2132_zpsab37ab3a.jpg

 photo IMG_2123_zpsf3b76eca.jpg

 photo IMG_2143_zps2d44cc46.jpg

 photo IMG_2131_zps0ec0459d.jpg

 photo IMG_2129_zps5b46b796.jpg

 photo IMG_2137_zps13a62aef.jpg

Hawaiian Shirt – Florence and Fred at Tesco / White Frayed Shorts – Moto at Topshop / Orange Vans / Cat Face Bag – George at Asda / Straw Hat – Florence and Fred at Tesco / Parrot Necklace – Avon

The day I never thought would come has arrived! I have donned a pair of white shorts! Shock horror, this whole me wearing white thing has lasted longer than one outfit and yet again I was totally inspired by Haim, those girls could persuade me to buy or wear pretty much anything I think. I was always worried about how to wear white but really it is quite a simple colour to style like black, grey or navy it’s a staple that goes with pretty much everything so really most of my wardrobe however bright or outrageously patterned would work.

I pushed that stance to a slight extreme here with my hawaiian shirt which was obviously going to make some sort of appearance at some point this summer. The brightness of the shorts and the summeriness of the shirt work pretty well together in my opinion. Picking up on the orange tones from the shirt I threw on my orange Vans, stylishly complimenting my outfit yet extremely comfortable. Note I also am wearing orange nail varnish too, I have never co-ordinated so much in my life fashion wise.

The cat face bag from Asda is my favourite cute accessory and still a great size for fitting in just the basics, my straw hat which obviously on sees the light of day on non rainy days and the parrot necklace obviously compliments the nod to the tropical from my shirt. This is probably one of my favourite summery outfits and I wore the shorts and shirt to this year’s Tramlines but with sandals [perks of inner city festivals] and a backpack and I really did love the outfit, made even more summery with just how hot it was on that day too.

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