Food Review: Breakfast at Bella Italia, Sheffield

 photo bellaitalia_zps8be5c140.jpg

 photo bellaitaliaveggie_zps7728298b.jpg

I seriously love Bella Italia and I do eat there quite a bit when I’m out as I love Italian food, it’s affordable and there are plenty of veggie options. I’d never tried their recently launched breakfast menu though but I did this month and usually I don’t blog about chain restaurants as there are plenty of other reviews out there but this particular meal was too good not to blog about.

Me and mum were meant to be seeing X Men but Cineworld cancelled the showing resulting in a change of plans and with it being before 11am we decided to head to Bella for brunch. It was quite empty but a Wednesday morning was never going to be busy, we were seated straight away and brought menus. As soon as we were given the menu, mum asked about the gluten free dishes, this was her first time eating out since changing fully onto the gluten free diet so she was a bit wary of the response she would get but I want to praise Bella for their options and attentiveness to dietary requirements. The waitress went to get the allergy sheet and came back listing the 5 or 6 dishes on the menu my mum could eat, plenty of options is a great thing when a lot of other restaurants at the moment still aren’t as good and up to speed on coeliac diets.

Mum choose a ham and cheese omelette which came with herby new potatoes and a tomato while I went for the veggie breakfast with ciabatta toast on the side. The veggie breakfast included avocado [literally my favourite food ever right now], scrambled egg [choice of fried as well], tomato, mushrooms, herby new potatoes and baked beans. Quite different to the normal fare but welcome in my book substituting the lack of meat for other ingredients instead of many places that just give you half a cooked breakfast. The avocado and herby potatoes were absolutely gorgeous, the egg was cooked to perfection, the mushrooms were wonderful and I’m notoriously picky with mushrooms and the fat that usually comes with them but no fat here which was great for me. My only tiny criticism was there was only a tiny amount of beans and there could really have been a little more. The ciabatta was perfectly toasted and came with butter [how cute are those little circles of butter!] and a small pot of jam and marmalade [again cute miniatures!]. The toast was technically something that could have been eaten on it’s own and not a side but regardless of how full I was I cleared both plates as I was not leaving anything behind.

Mum also enjoyed her omelette which was absolutely huge and packed full of ham and cheese so gave a lot of flavour. Drinks-wise we both ordered a coffee and a juice, the coffee by the way was lovely and so perfectly blended. You also get free refills of hot drinks when you buy a cooked breakfast so we got 2 coffees for the price of one!

All in all, this was one of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten and for £21 for all that food which filled up both up a lot it is a total bargain for that level of quality. There is so many other veggie option on the menu I want to try [like the pancakes and the veggie ciabatta breakfast sandwich] so I know I will be back for sure.

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