new music: IDYLL – Paradisal

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The internet is a truly wonderful thing, I’m sure that is something Swedish Benjamin Gustafsson and America’s Joseph Vitterito would attest to as well as well with the two artists managing to collaborate regardless of the may miles between them. This duo only formed a few months ago but since then the pair have managed to create some truly spectacular music such as the track ‘Paradisal’ below:

Guitars sounds and electronics reverb around the opening of this track getting louder and louder before an abrupt stop and replaced with calmer sounds of the sea with the ebb and flow of the tide guiding us now. Electronic beats and cymbals punctuate the waves before a pretty mono-syllabic vocal takes over talking about dreams and paradise. Soaring backing vocals and a tinkling piano also feature adding interesting high points to the already wonderful tracks of layered sounds.

Their sound is one that combines a hell of a lot of genres from pop to ambient indie to electronic notes creating something that is dreamy, flowing, full of emotion and the perfect music to listen to with your headphones on to truly appreciate the layers of intricate sounds.

With such a wonderful single from the guys, we can all only hope for more amazing tracks to come from them in the future. To find out more about IDYLL visit their Facebook page or their page on Anticodon Records website.

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