Album Review: Birdeatsbaby – The Bullet Within

The Bullet Within
Release Date: 21st July

Brighton based Birdeatsbaby has gained a substantial fan base across the world from touring in the US, Mexico, Europe and here in the UK. Having also gained the attention of the likes of 6Music, Artrocker, Music Week and The Quietus, this dark cabaret quartet are now building up to the release of their latest album ‘The Bullet Within’. These 12 tracks feature the best of the band’s sound to date along with guest appearances from the likes of the wonderful Gabby Young on ‘Spiders’ and Nirvana and Marilyn Manson violinist Melora Craeger.

Opening track and single ‘The Bullet’ gives a dramatic start to the album with crashing cymbals and squealing violins while the vocals throughout are a mix of climbing high notes and slightly menacing spoken voice in the verses. A quick cabaret-esque piano line, fuzzy guitar and the violin add wonderful elements up to the breakdown where vocals are hushed and music is calm before building back up to a rhythm that will see you swaying along perfectly in time with the beat.

Emotion and drama are main themes throughout the lyrical content and the way the music is presented on this entire album and tracks such as ‘Drinking In The Day’, ‘Enemies Like Me’ and ‘Arms Open Wide’ all show this brilliantly. The first sees harmonious vocals, steady piano, prominent bass and ebbing and flowing violin notes creating quite an epic track. The next is more chilling with hateful lyrics speaking of betrayals backed up by marching drums, deep bass lines and chugging riffs to screaming guitar notes while the latter features a jumpy rhythm created by the drums and cymbals and moments that range from almost musical-esque to quieter, emotional breakdowns where the piano and violin complement each other perfectly.

The fragile nature of ‘Ghosts’ with its gentle flowing violin and melodic yet haunting vocals gives a simple grandeur which is juxtaposed against next track ‘Hands of Orlac’ with its tense opening that morphs into a carefree sound with jazz elements, gothic style violins, riffing guitars and a quick chaotic piano that is reminiscent of recent Muse material.

Melora Craeger features on ‘Into The Black’ with his quick, harsh violin that stands out perfectly again the cabaret rhythms of piano notes that dance around the track. Carrying straight on into the soft, drawn out violin notes of ‘Interlude’ and its flowing quality takes us from previous track to ‘Tenterhooks’ and its gothic afflictions. Murky bass, muffled spiky guitar and strong, powerful drums are weaved together with high pitched vocals of menacing lyrics such as “you can’t see the wood for the trees, the bitch was all over me” and “you got me hanging by tenterhooks”.

The wonderful Gabby Young and her strong vocal tone feature on ‘Spiders’ blending together well with the harmonious voice of vocalist Mishkin Fitzgerald. Rock fuelled guitar and fast, screeching violin build up the drama but ultimately this is all about the breath-taking voices and it is understandable why.

‘The Lighthouse’ is a much more gentle track with vocals set again piano, spoken backing vocals and hard hit drums come in to make the lyrics of the chorus all the more poignant with lines such as “we prayed for days but no one came to save us” and “we’ll make the sink, we’ll make them sleep”. While closing track ‘Silence’ takes the tempo and sound down even further with whispered vocals while piano steps between the same two notes throughout. The chorus crashes in with pounding drums, shouted vocals, chaotic cymbals and a big riff but it’s that calm piano that plays us out, ending the album on a calmer note than it started.

This is a really brilliant and well executed album. The sounds that band use range from sparse and simple to big, grand and spectacular. The piano and the violin are such huge factors to their sound as well as the vocal range of offer from their lead singer. With that light-hearted cabaret feel mixed with their darker edge it makes a sound that is quite unique, truly wonderful and refreshing to hear.

Check out the video for the band’s current single ‘The Bullet’ below:

To find out more about Birdeatsbaby visit their website, their Bandcamp page, their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or you can follow them on Twitter – @birdeatsbaby


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