Food Review: The Great Gatsby, Sheffield

After a lovely afternoon exploring Sheffield’s wonderful Food Festival and sampling the wares of companies all over the UK from cheesemongers [my favourite stalls FYI] to breweries to cakes and tea, it was time for a much needed lunch and a long overdue visit to The Great Gatsby on Division Street.

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I’d not been to Gatsby in such a long time for something to eat and their menu has changed drastically since last time I was in, gone are the pizzas and burgers and in are tacos, sandwiches, burritos, quesadillas and churros for desserts fends. There is an impressive range of vegetarian options on the menu and an impressive range of ingredients used which I was extremely grateful for. Over the past few months I’ve become bored of the same foods at home and eating out so I’m all for trying new ingredients and looking for new recipes to try and replicate at home. Something that gave me a good challenge with the wonderful menu on offer here.

I went for the Sweetcorn and Black Bean Quesadilla [literally did not know how to pronounce that when ordering] which came with Montrey Jack Cheese inside and a chopped tomato style salsa, sour cream and homemade guacamole. The quesadilla itself was lovely, perfectly flavoured with not too much but just enough cheese and plenty of sweetcorn and black beans. The tomatoes with onion mixed through was lovely and refreshing and the guacamole was so good, I’m a little obsessed with avocado at the moment so this fulfilled those cravings. The sour cream I wasn’t overly fussed with mainly because I hate sour cream so I just left it but it did make the meal more traditionally Mexican and sour cream fans will be happy. For £6, this was a lovely and very filling meal, all the little extras make the meal even better and with such lovely authentic flavours going on it was a great dish.

As I was pretty hungry and couldn’t resist the words cheese and chips together on the menu, I ordered a side of those too. Honestly, I didn’t really need them as the quesadilla filled me up enough as it was but what I did eat of the chips was lovely. The chips were thickly cut and cooked to perfection, the tomato that was on top of the quesadilla was on top of the chips too and the cheese sauce was a properly made cheese sauce like the one my mum makes and not the terrible American version of it. I expected just some grated cheese shoved on top and melted so I was pleasantly surprised with an actual cheese sauce, it was a lovely change from the norm, not as good as my mum’s but still lovely. At £3, it’s a real quality side with plenty of chips and a nice homemade sauce.

As I said I didn’t eat it all as my hungry eyes were bigger than my normal sized belly but everything really was beautifully made and I felt terrible leaving some of it. At £9 for the main and side and £4 for a drink, I think it was a very reasonably priced late lunch and Gatsby is definitely somewhere I will be making the effort to visit more often to try some more of their vegetarian offerings and obviously some of their amazing cocktails.

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The Great Gatsby is situated on Division Street, number 73-75, at the corner with Rockingham Street. Find out more about the bar, it’s menu and opening times as well as live shows and DJ sets over on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @GatsbySheffield

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