tracks of the week #54

This week, 4 new discoveries for you all. 2 I found by seeing them support other bands I’d gone to see and 2 I found through Soundcloud. Expect some new music posts to come soon about a couple of these artists but until then enjoy the tracks.

Oliver Melville – The Minutes

Another random but brilliant Soundcloud discovery from me again this week. This time it’s from Oliver Melville, an acoustic folk singer/songwriter from Brighton. The slow, sparse and atmospheric sounds of this track are just a complete joy to listen to. Melville’s vocals are calming and full of emotion while the very softly hit drum and gently flowing guitar all back up his excellent voice. Put this track on, sit back and let the song relax you to a nice, calm state.

Cut Ribbons – In The Rain

These guys were the support act for Thumpers and they were absolutely wonderful. They are from Wales and their brilliant mix of rock sounds and synth pop afflictions are refreshing and great listen. This particular track was one that they played during their set and is their brand new single. The yo-yoing synths, deep bass line, soaring vocal harmonies and a strong drum beat makes for an infectious indie pop track. I have a lot of love for this band after seeing them live and expect a full new music post coming up about them very soon.

Prides – Messiah

This Glasgow trio supported Foxes on her Sheffield date and they are catchy as hell with upbeat poppy synth-fuelled indie tracks. ‘Messiah’ features almost dirty, grungy synths mixed with a huge drum sounds and layered vocals which work together to bring such a full sound to the track. With melodic hooks and a strong rhythm it’s difficult not to fall in love with this song and the guys sound, a band to keep an eye on in the future.

Lyla Foy – Cornflake Girl [Tori Amos Cover]

Soundcloud really is my holy grail when it comes to musical discoveries and here is another one. This time it’s Lyla Foy covering ‘Cornflake Girl’ by Tori Amos. The London girl is currently signed to Sub Pop Records and is really making a name for herself with constant touring and a hoard of songs under her belt already. This one sees her angelic voice ebbing and flowing throughout pulsating synth, padding drums and quick funky bass, there is a dreamlike, nostalgic tinge to this track which just makes it utterly enthralling and captivating to listen to.

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