Food Review: Homemade by Thelma’s, Sheffield

halloumi muffin - homemade by thelmas photo photo2_zps565a6d31.jpg

flat white - homemade by thelmas photo photo1_zps5f163925.jpg

I recently went to the hairdresser’s for my second trip this year [I’m a changed woman when it comes to my hair these days] and this time me and mum had planned in advance to have brunch at Homemade by Thelma’s, the lovely cafe situated next door that we visited after our last hairdresser’s trip. As last time I’d already eaten breakfast before I went I only had a small slice of cake and missed out on the breakfast menu that looked amazing. Whereas this time I’d not eaten breakfast with the premise of checking out one of the dishes on the menu.

There was plenty of choice which for me as a vegetarian is absolutely amazing! I was torn between the Halloumi Muffin and the Vegan breakfast of Quorn sausage, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. My love of halloumi won though and I went for the muffin and it was a brilliant choice. An English muffin topped with spinach, grilled halloumi, a poached egg and a homemade tomato chutney it was a little bit like an Eggs Florentine reinvented and brought bang up to date for the changing tastes of today. The spinach was cooked perfectly and for someone who’s not a massive fan of spinach it was absolutely lovely. The halloumi was cooked very well, the egg poached perfectly for me with it still being runny in the middle and the tomato chutney had such a lovely sharp flavour without being too overpowering which complimented the saltiness of the halloumi really well.

For the coffee I had one of my usuals, a flat white and the coffee was very nice but not the best I’ve had from this city that seems to be churning out brilliant coffee joint after brilliant coffee joint at the moment. All in all though the meal was absolutely lovely and the freshness of ingredients along with the sheer deliciousness of the simple breakfast dish was just great. It kept me full for hours after and for only £5.50 for such a nice meal, it’s absolutely worth every penny in my opinion.

Homemade by Thelma’s may be out of the city centre and a trek for some people but it is one that is more than worth making. Situated just up the road from the outskirts of the Antiques Corner where you’ll find The Vault and Vintedge on Abbeydale Road. For me, this is a hidden gem of Sheffield especially for the vegetarian, vegan and gluten free communities. I know that I, for one, will be back to check out more of their menu and maybe their burger or bistro night.

To find out more about Homemade by Thelma’s, it’s location and menu visit their Facebook page.

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