tracks of the week #50

50 whole tracks of the week posts! How did we even get here?! I can’t believe this feature has run so long and I think I may have only ever repeated a featured track once. With so much good music around though from the old classics to the constant stream of new music I’m discovering and being sent it’s no wonder there is always plenty to feature in here.

For this milestone though I thought instead of featuring 4 new songs like normal, I would take my favourite track from all the past weeks and make a Spotify playlist of them all. Something a little different to celebrate the occasion as it needs to be celebrated obviously. If we ever make it to #100 of these then expect a Spotify playlist of the best from #51 to #99. Until then though, here’s the best tracks [in my opinion] of the last #49 TOTW posts, in chronological order from week #1 to last week’s #49 post.

You can also check out all past Tracks of the Week posts from the very first to the most recent here.

Thanks for reading the last 50 TOTW posts and my blog in general, if you have any suggestions of tracks for me to feature or you are in/work for/know of a band/artist that should be considered to be featured on my blog then don’t hesitate to get in touch by commenting on here, tweeting me @charlottiebob or drop me an email with a link to your Soundcloud/YouTube/Bandcamp etc pages at

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