tracks of the week #49

This week, two male solo artists and a female solo artist, all of which making amazing music and all of which new to my ears either i’ve only just started listening to them regardless of knowing of them for a long time or having only discovered them in the past week or so. There is also a bit of Busted thrown in for good measure, as I’m seeing them twice this week it would be rude not to really.

Dan Croll – From Nowhere

There has been a lot said about Dan Croll online and around 95% of what I’ve heard and read has been more than complimentary about him and his music so why it has taken me so long to listen to him I don’t know. Finally, though I’ve cottoned on and I’m glad I did, I’m convinced I’ve heard the track a lot on the radio anyway without knowing as I already knew the song and with an electronic/indie sound that combines a steady rhythm, lots of melody and some interesting electronic sounds, it’s clear to see why he has become a big hit with bloggers, critics and music fans alike.

William Beckett – Oh Love!

After seeing William Beckett supporting The Summer Set a few weeks ago, I’ve been discovering his solo album that I’d not listened to before I saw him. This track in particular is a huge track with a pop edge from it’s great melodies and sing along chorus and even though I didn’t know the song before I saw him live I did spend the rest of the week singing it, it really does stick in your head. It’s totally ear worm material but it’s not a track that is going to get boring anytime soon, it takes the best of the scene he was a part of when he was the lead singer of The Academy Is… but brings it up to date and adds a bit more of a grown up take on it whilst still retaining that feel good atmosphere. One to put on repeat for sure.

Keeva – Fallen Off Earth

I found Keeva through the House in the Sand music blog a couple of weeks ago and I totally with Vanessa who writes the blog that this girl needs moe attention and more recognition for the beautiful music that she is creating. With a clean and wonderful vocal quality she adds even more beauty to the already stunning lyrics she has penned for each track. The music that backs up her vocals and those of male vocal collaborator George is sparse yet flowing adding a simple grace to the feel of the track rather than deterring from those great vocals. One you should definitely check out right now, find out more about Keeva by visiting her Facebook page or by following her on Twitter – @keevamusic

Busted – 3AM

I’ve probably featured this song on my tracks of the week posts before but it’s one of my all time favourite Busted songs and I saw McBusted this week so obviously I’ve been listening to a lot of Busted. And seriously who isn’t excited about this whole McBusted thing? And who doesn’t secretly love Busted?

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