new music: glory glory

Let me introduce you this week to a brilliant trio who are creating some wonderful tracks with their mix of indie and dance sounds. Glory Glory hail from Canada and are next week set to release their latest EP ‘So Long’ which was mixed by Grammy nominated producer Justin Gerrish who’s worked with the likes of The Strokes and Vampire Weekend.

The band started out as a post-punk act who’s reliance of delay pedals led to comparisons with arty style bands whereas now their sound is much more difficult to pin down into one genre. The mix of indie, dance, pop, disco, psychedelic sounds and 90’s influences might sound confusing and like it shouldn’t work but it really does. In particular ‘Take My Time’, the first track from ‘So Long’, is not only brilliant and danceable but I can easily see it being the soundtrack to my summer.

Whereas ‘Indigo Son’ [above] mixes psychedelic sounds and a deep, commanding bass with flowing guitar and vocals, it’s the slowest and calmest on the EP but it is still an impressively well constructed track. This juxtaposition of tempos and sounds from one track to the next on this release showcases perfectly the band’s mission to be challenged and create music that can not easily be confined to just one genre category.

The band are to tour Canada this month but there are plans for some UK dates soon and if they hit up Sheffield or near I most certainly will be popping down to catch them and see what this impressive new release sounds like live.

To find out more about Glory Glory visit their website, their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter – @glorygloryband

Check back on here on Monday to read my review of the EP.

2 thoughts on “new music: glory glory

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