Album Review: Neko Nine & The Creator Of – Meet The Forest

Neko Nine & The Creator Of
Meet The Forest
Fluttery Records

‘Meet The Forest’ is a four song split EP by Neko Nine, who’s based in Russia and The Creator Of based in Tokyo, Japan. Each band contributed two tracks towards the release that sees ethnic sounds and melodies of the first half by The Creator Of set against drama filled tracks filled with folk elements by Neko Nine in the second half. Both acts are very different and what struck me before listening to this is does the EP balance? As a product of two very different cultures meeting it could either be a huge success or an EP that just doesn’t work.

The EP opens with ‘Black Star [Alt Mix]’ with a gentle guitar melody that is backed up by a harsher sounding fuzzy electric guitar and fast paced drums and hi-hats. Strong keys make their presence known throughout which when added to the melodic guitar makes the music as a whole flow well guiding us through the chaotic noises that litter the rest of this.

Fast tribal drums and Spanish sounding guitar are set against a slow building rock riff on ‘Acoustic’. This one features two very different musical themes layered on top of one another essentially it’s like two very different songs have been slotted together and luckily and quite surprisingly it works. With a slightly muted base layer that is an epic rock track with hair metal riffs, chugging notes and grand sweeping sounds, on top of that is a calm and gentle piece with occasional strums and fast ethnic drums.

The second half of the EP starts softly with ‘Fireworks Up There’ where a high pitched intricate guitar line sits over deep bass and padding drums create a solid base for this one. Piano tinkles in and around before crashing cymbals and haunting vocal sounds come in adding a sense of fullness to what would be the chorus. An oscillating guitar takes us into a quieter mid-point where everything is stripped back before crashing back in with rock riffs and big sounds to close.

While marching band style drums open ‘Snowflakes Gone Grey’ before high pitched whistling comes in accompanying and juxtaposing themselves against everything else. This one is gentle ebbing and flowing in the most part before turning into another beast entirely with chugging guitar riffs, fast wobbly guitars, epic strings and those haunting choral sounds again.

The final song and the EP as a whole ends in much the same way it started with its calm instrumental tones. Though I was worried about the EP not meshing well together, that has been proved wrong with songs that although different and created in varying ways sit and work very well together. As an instrumental EP it is one that sparks interest and it is a very good listen.

To find out more about the bands and the EP visit Fluttery Records website.

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