food review: marmaduke’s cafe deli, sheffield

Cappuccino / Hoppity Pie with Lentil and Celaric Salad

So I was back again at Marmaduke’s a couple of months ago and yet again the place provided me with excellent food and backed up my earlier notion that it is one of the best café’s to eat at in Sheffield. It had literally just turned dinner time and the place was already packed with customers after tables and takeaway fare. After around 5 minutes we managed to get a table and after already spotting what I was after on my way in I went to order for me and mum straight away.

Mum ordered Eggs Benedict and Tea while I went for the wonderful looking and sounding Hoppity Pie with Lentil and Celaric Salad. They had just updated their menu that day so the salads were all new and all 3 of them sounded brilliant but I went with the Lentil and Celaric which was very nice, it had hazelnuts in too. I’d never had celaric before and was unsure of the taste but after years of Masterchef watching I thought it was about time I tried it and I was pleasantly surprised. The pie itself was huge, like seriously massive to the point where I didn’t finish it all because as much as I loved it I was absolutely stuffed. The pie was open top, a bit like a big single portion quiche and contained cheese [pretty sure it was goats cheese] and potato as well as some sort of onion. I can’t find a menu online to double check but it was very nice, the flavours worked well, it was all fresh as you could easily tell they were home-made and as I said before very filling.

The cappuccino I had like last time was very good and one of the best coffees I have had in a city that now seems overrun with chain coffee shops as most of the little café’s are gone. I left very full and very satisfied with my lunch, the prices as I said in my last review are a tad on the expensive side in comparison with other café’s in Sheffield city centre but the food is much better quality with fresh and local ingredients used in their dishes. Again, I was too full to try one of the very tempting cakes and I think next time I go I’m going to just have cake and coffee otherwise I will never get to try the cakes as I’m always too full after a main meal there.

I stand by what I said in my last review, brilliant food, lovely atmosphere, one of the best places to eat in Sheffield in my opinion and one I recommend you all check out. I will most certainly be back again.

Check out my review from my first visit to Marmaduke’s Cafe Deli here.

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