tracks of the week #47

This week’s tracks of the week has turned out to be quite an indie filled one with hints of dance and pop creating some catchy, dance along anthems and some wonderfully beautiful moments as well. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks.

London Grammar – Wasting My Young Years

Pretty much everyone has heard of London Grammar now and much has been written about the wonderful soulful vocals, soft and ethereal sounds and huge moments on their tracks. This track is no different and all I’d have to say is what has already been said many times before. If you know London Grammar you will know what I mean but if you’ve never listened to them, listen to this track and marvel in the amazingly gorgeous sounds.

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

I love Vampire Weekend but I never really talk about them much on here which I find really odd but that is about to change starting now. This is one of my all time favourite tracks and I think it is up quite high on many people’s lists really because it really is catchy a hell and the perfect indie pop track. I saw Vampire Weekend at Leeds Fest back in 2009, I was sat quite near the back of the main stage and as the beautifully hot and sunny weekend was getting in full swing they really kicked off the party atmosphere for me and put me in the best mood ever. They were amazing live, unfortunately I’ve never seen them live since but with their albums getting better and better I think that is something that is also going to have to change to.

Foster The People – Coming of Age

With their second album having just landed and following up a hugely successful first chapter for the band which saw single ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ become not only a festival anthem but also an anthem for the entire year, I and many others were very interested to see exactly how they would follow it up. With a very different approach it seemed added more elements to their music and a lot more synth, many comparisons have so far been made to MGMT and I would agree. This track in particular still features that dancey/poppy element to their indie sound but there is a lot more atmosphere here, the vocals of lead singer Mark Foster have improved drastically and focus on not just catchy melodies but wonderful harmonies and using an array of sounds well to get a full sounding track that will still see you getting this stuck in your head for weeks.

The Maccabees – Can You Give It

This is one of my favourite tracks by The Maccabees, I just love the uptempo atmosphere and the lyrics that almost make you want to shout them out as you sing a long to the track. When I saw The Maccabees supporting The Black Keys a couple of years ago this was one of the tracks that I most wanted the band to play in their support slot and they did. It was a wonderful moment for me and granted it was a bit lost on some of the crowd who weren’t really there for The Maccabees but I imagine at one of their own shows or a festival set this would be one of the most perfect bringing the crowd together in a sing a long moments.

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