new music: Quinn Archer

As I said before when I featured this on a tracks of the week post a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Quinn via Twitter and instantly loved her sound from first listen. So here is a little bit of an introduction for the rest of you to Quinn Archer and her music.

Based in LA, the Brit born singer/songwriter mixes her huge soulful vocals with beautifully stripped back melodies and lyrics that take in feelings of good times, bad times and suffering all at once mainly influenced by her time on the road in previous bands.

Beautiful vocals full of soul and emotion take us through the story of this song which is wonderfully punctuated with gentle piano chords, an acoustic guitar melody and just heard strings. It’s a truly stunning track bursting with emotive lyrics, pitch perfect vocals and minimal sounds. Whereas ‘Walk Through The Fire’ takes away the moodiness but retains the emotion and a brilliant tone to her voice. Again backed up by minimal sounds of piano keys and gently plucked guitar strings, the whole song flows perfectly and is just a really lovely listen.

After spending her education in a Catholic boarding school in Surrey, Quinn then escaped the grey skies of the UK for sunny LA. It was there that she started her career in music properly playing the live music scene with her band Stereofiend as well as singing backing vocals for Shooter Jenning’s band and creating solo projects by collaborating with the likes of Ricky Philips [Bad English] and Gavin Mackillop [Sugar Cult, The Goo Goo Dolls]. It was only recently that she decided to fully go her own way and create her own music under her own name as a solo musician in her own right.

It is a decision that is clearly paying off for her as well as she’s not only released brilliant tracks but touring non stop and picking up a very dedicated fan base along the way. It’s not surprising that she has been instantly picked up by online communities and local gig goers and raved about by them for her music she describes as ‘gothic soul’.

I definitely see Quinn as an act for you all to look out for and listen to if you haven’t already. She may only be in the beginnings of her solo career but with so much experience behind her I think it will see her do very well in the future. The next 12 months will surely be a busy time for her with releases and live performances a plenty I imagine, make sure you check her music out now.

You can watch the video for ‘Walk Through The Fire’ below:

To find out more about Quinn Archer visit her website, her Facebook page, her Soundcloud page or follow her on Twitter – @Quinn_Archer

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