Still Conscious – Sheffield’s new music discussion panel show

When I was at university me and some friends created discussion based podcasts for a project and it was one of the things I enjoyed the most from my time there. It was something I have wanted to carry on through this blog mainly about music and for a while I’ve thought Sheffield could really do with something to talk about and promote it’s music scene further because there is a lot of talent here that needs to be talked about.

Well let me welcome you to ‘Still Conscious’, Sheffield’s new music discussion panel show brought to us by Stop Drop Robot. The electronic band have brought together some of Sheffield’s finest from the music world – musicians, promoters etc, to discuss Sheffield’s music scene from events in the city, over saturation of the scene and in the most recent episode social media and how bands in the city are, are not and how they could use it.

I really enjoyed watching the shows and though it’s based in Sheffield discussing our music scene I think it does raise points that effect the entire music industry as a whole wherever you are in the country or world, specifically when discussing social media and how it can be used to help bands.

A great suggestion was getting all of Sheffield’s creative talent together somehow to help each other out, for example bands need videos so media/photography students and graduates help them to make videos for YouTube and take photos for social media which gives the band something they need and gives students/graduates experience and something good to show on their portfolio. I’m hugely supportive of this as I feel it is hard to gain experience sometimes in this city unless you are already well established and this is why so much creative talent in the North is lost to places like London. But if we all start working together and helping each other out then that is something that can be beneficial for us all.

Anyway I’ll stop rambling on with my opinions now and let you form your own, below is part 2 of episode 2 which discussed social media and the community of creative’s idea and what I found to be a very interesting watch:

To find out more visit their YouTube channel and make sure you subscribe to keep up to date with future discussions and to catch up on the previous episode.

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