tracks of the week #37

A band who released their fourth album this week, a band I stumbled across recently, a band who I’ve been meaning to feature on here since around November and a band remixing another band’s already brilliant song to create an exciting track for many. They are the components of this week’s tracks, hope you enjoy!

September Girl – Green Eyed

Tinged with nostalgic sounds throughout from the hazy guitar to the deep, scuzzy bass and high pitched, almost whistling sound to the keys. The vocals are woozy, it adds a sort of smoke filled dive bar atmosphere to the whole track and it is quite wonderful. There is a hint of Joy Division here too from the way the guitar chords are played to the fact that the music has a quicker, more urgent tempo than the muffled quality of the languid vocal. I seriously love this track, it is absolutely brilliant!

Mutineers – One Last Chance

If you like your indie/rock songs with a foot-tappingly good rhythm and sing-along style catchy chorus then this track is the one for you. Hailing from Manchester, this five piece have created a great song that is bound to get stuck in people’s heads as soon as they hear it. ‘One Last Chance’ is taken from their debut album ‘Friends, Lovers, Rivals’ and if the rest of the album features as much melody and good song writing as this does then it is sure to be a strong opener to the band’s career.

You Me At Six – Fresh Start Fever

With a piano instrumental opener before cymbals crash in, a constant building guitar and a rock edge to Franceschi’s brilliant vocals, it really does have an epic air to this one. Showcasing yet another growth in sound creating a track that fully embodies the band at this point in their career, four albums in with talent, experience and the confidence to be the band they want to be. This is a really brilliant track following on slightly from the vein of last album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ and from the sounds of this track, 2014 should be another very good year for the Surrey quintet.

Thumpers – Galore

Shimmery electronics and summery vibes a plenty from the Thumpers lot again with their new single. It’s not as upbeat as previous singles from the band with the tempo significantly taken down but it is still inherently happy sounding and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. I think this year is going to be a very exciting one for Thumpers so make sure you keep your eyes on their camp and your ears open for new material, you will not want to miss it.

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