food review: marmaduke’s cafe deli, sheffield

Before Christmas and after me and mum had moved into our new home, we headed into town for some last minute shopping and inevitably ended up going for lunch. I’d seen this place so many times, walking past it and vowing to go in their for food as the old, homey décor looked so inviting and the place was always packed, definitely a good sign. Two reasons why the place is packed though a) the very good food on offer and b) it’s tiny inside so it quickly becomes full and a little cramped.

Regardless of the slightly squeezed in conditions I was all for their menu which features a huge array of vegetarian options as well as some gluten free and I’m pretty sure I spotted a vegan option on there too. Such a lovely change for cafe to be so accommodating to different diets and lifestyle options for a change. I saw the quiche, sandwiches and cakes on the way to my table so that may slightly have influenced my decision here to go for the goat’s cheese and spring onion quiche with chips and salad. I seriously did not expect it to be as huge as it was but they definitely do not skimp on their portions, prices may be a little more than some other cafe’s in Sheffield but for the fresh ingredients used, huge portion sizes and different diets catered for it is more than worth paying £1 or £2 extra. The quiche not only looked amazing but it tasted amazing and the fresh ingredients really added to the taste making it one of the best quiches I’ve ever had. The chips were huge, well cut and home-made as it was clear to see, cooked to perfection they made a perfect accompaniment along with the side salad full of more than just leaves [my pet hate in side salads when it’s just leaves and half a cherry tomato] with a beautiful light dressing that complimented everything really well. I managed to finish the meal mainly because I refused to leave anything so nice but I was definitely stuffed afterwards so never got chance to try one of the lovely looking desserts on offer.

Also, a quick note to coffee lovers, I had a cappuccino with my meal and it was literally the greatest coffee I’ve ever had, freshly made, strong as hell but perfect. If you are a serious coffee fan go there and try whichever is your coffee preferences I’m sure you will enjoy it.

Marmaduke’s really is a lovely place and a real gem of Sheffield cuisine. Beautiful food and plenty of offer for all palettes it really is a place that caters for all. The freshness of the food, the thought put towards flavours and the huge portion sizes will leave your tummy and palette more than satisfied. The interior may be slightly cramped for some but really that is no major deal I’ve eaten in places with much less space but that is the only slight downfall I can find. I would fully recommend the place though and I hope to be back soon, after all I never got a piece of cake last time and me and my sweet tooth plan on rectifying that.

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