throwback tuesday #1

The Throwback Tuesday weekly post is a opportunity for me to revisit the good, cheesy, forgotten or essential parts of music, film, tv and books from my childhood, the past few years or the generations/eras/works of art that have influenced my life in some way.

The very first of my throwback posts looks at a film which I have been a massive fan of for a long time but dug back out again over the Christmas period for another viewing. It’s not very Christmassy but it is a very good film and gets better with every single watch regardless of knowing the plotline inside out.

I Am Legend

Released in 2007, this film sees Will Smith as the last man in New York City. It’s years after a deadly plaque kills the majority of humanity or infecting some to become some sort of zombie hybrid monster. With only himself and his dog, Sam, left in New York it is a tale of survival and sadness while trying to find a cure for the virus which killed so many. With some sad scenes when Smith’s character Robert Neville has to send his wife and child away with frequent flashbacks back to that moment.

I don’t want to say too much about what else happens as it would inevitably ruin the movie for you with pretty much everything else I could tell you being massive spoilers. It’s shot brilliantly making the bustling, usually heaving streets of New York turned into an urban jungle wasteland that looks shocking realistic. It’s wonderfully acted by Smith who we all know to be a brilliant actor from his many turns on the big screen. Ultimately though it may be a sci-fi/fantasy/thriller film it is a very believable story that underpins everything. It seems disturbingly valid that something like this really could happen in a world of trying to cure every illness known to man.

I saw it in the cinema and I’ve watched it many times since and every time it is a film that I would truly describe as an epic, full of everything this type of film needs to be good and believable. A must watch.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

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