2014 on Mixtape Couture

Happy new year, I hope 2014 will be a brilliant, successful, happy and healthy one for you all.

With a new year sees the start of new things for this blog. As I said in my round up posts, Mixtape Couture will be going through some exciting changes this year and hopefully that will see some good improvements.

The first mini change will be the start of some sort of structure to what I post during a week:

MONDAY – will see album/EP reviews from brand new acts to big names. If there is nothing of real significance new release wise to write about that week or it’s a quiet music week then there will be some additions to the ‘my favourite albums’ series which is a lookback/review of some of my favourite albums from some of my favourite acts from over the years.

TUESDAY – this is a new feature for the blog. With throwback Thursday being so huge on Instagram I thought I’d do my own version on a Tuesday but instead of an old photo of me, it will be a song/film/book etc that means a lot to me, I love or I have rediscovered recently. It’ll be a chance to share some amazing things from my past from different areas of creativity.

WEDNESDAY – new music day. An introduction to a new artist/band or some tour/single news from an act that will have been featured before.

FRIDAY – tracks of the week, sharing my top 4 or 5 tracks with you for that week.

SATURDAY – an outfit post. I’m really wanting to improve on these with a bigger space for using my camera and tripod and taking pictures of my outfits I should be able to improve my photography massively. I love fashion and it’s a huge part of this blog and I definitely feel this is one of the post types I love but have always been a bit substandard at and I plan to improve that massively this year.

There will also be monthly playlists still and book reviews, beauty reviews, new purchases posts, fashion show reviews and lifestyle posts interspersed throughout all of this as well so there will hopefully be plenty to read and with such an abundance of creative talent out there to write about I’m hoping this schedule will be something I can easily stick to.

Again this is a chance for you to get in touch about your music, fashion, films, books etc for a potential feature or review. At the moment I have plenty of spaces for feature/review posts so if you want me to consider it then get in touch now, click the ‘Contact’ link above for ways to get in touch or email me – lottie7785@gmail.com

This new structure starts tomorrow and I know I’ve already blogged this year but after getting in touch last year I wanted to get that tour featured on here.

Thanks for reading and following the blog up until this point and I hope you like what I have in store for Mixtape Couture in 2014.

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