new music: chloe howl

Not necessarily a new act to many these days after making a name for herself especially online over the past few months but as one of my new favourites I obviously had to write a new music piece about this girl and her brilliant music.

At just 18 years old, this flame haired girl is striking to look at with a brilliant sense of style and eyeliner flicks I’m insanely jealous of but her music is something that will definitely strike a chord with you to. Take the above song ‘No Strings’ her very first single released last year that took her from obscurity to one of the most talked about artists around getting the music presses, from the likes of The Guardian to Pitchfork and Line of Best Fit, excited. And can you blame them with her pop catchiness mixed with her no nonsense lyrics, imposing vocals and great beats running throughout.

She’s earned comparisons to the likes of old school Lily Allen and Kate Nash, the stronger and more lyrically honest about normal life of the female Brit singers. Writing about what it is like to be a teenager in 2013 means that her lyrics resonate with many, particular the younger generation, who are bound to have discovered her tracks on Soundcloud before the rest of us caught up. But when the press and the rest of us caught up with the rightly placed hype over Ms Howl, they were impressed with what they heard with Line of Best Fit having this to say about single ‘Rumours’; “Another slice of deliciously addictive synth pop that chalks up yet another win for Howl’s campaign to be the new voice of the teenage pop revolution. Viva la Howl!”

After signing to Columbia Records just weeks after leaving school, she was guaranteed the support to make an album and tour but she’s doing it on her own terms refusing the become a PR machine that gives all the right answers in interviews instead acting like the teenager she is giving herself her own freedom and the right to express herself in songs and interviews. She’s toured with the likes of Bastille and John Newman over the past few months which has opened up her sound to an even bigger audience gaining plenty of fans and good reviews along the way.

A love of music from a young age, an honesty in her lyrics, her upfront personality full of opinions and a brilliant sense of style as well as the experience she has picked up over the past year has made her the artist to watch for in 2014. With her debut album due for release next year which will surely see more tour dates and a packed out festival season. Until then though she has released two EP’s, ‘Rumour’ and ‘No Strings’, that you can buy on iTunes or listen to on her Soundcloud page.

Below is the single ‘Rumour’:

To find out more about Chloe Howl visit her website or her Facebook page. Listen via Soundcloud and you can follow her on Twitter – @ChloeHowl



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