new music: ftse

I’ve mentioned Clash’s pop issue on here before and how it succeeded in it’s aim to prove that ‘pop’ when referred to music or an artist should not be seen as a dirty/horrible word. I also mentioned the calibre of artists that it set to showcase whether well known or the new ones and here is one of the new ones that I read about and instantly went to listen to.

FTSE, better known as Sam Manville, is from Leicester and is a one man dance/pop act that is slightly different to your average pop music maker. With slick production, plenty of beats creating a rhythm bound to get your head bobbing or your hips shaking and whimsical electronics in abundance. That is all mixed up with his lethargic vocals, which are at times sung and at time spoken, spacious tracks with less thrown at it than the average dance/pop track and a sound running throughout that creates a good deal of atmosphere.

Songs such as ‘Consoom’, the final track from his first EP ‘FTSE I’, is full of harsh lyrics sung in his trademark laid-back vocal. There’s hazy synths, continuous smooth sounds, huge beats and repeated chords that take over the whole song and there is a ringing sound which echoes round your head for long after it has finished. While ‘St. Tropez’ featuring ForteBowie, the opener of ‘FTSE II’ his second EP, may be named after a luxurious holiday island but is about escaping day-to-day worries which slowly and softly builds with hushed vocals before becoming a track filled with old school R’n’B accents and plenty of soulful vocals from his collaborator.

After garnering the attention of not only Clash who described his sound as “complex pop with rough edges” but he’s been featured on the Guardian’s website as Band/Artist of the Day where they said; “He’s Jarvis [Cocker] goes geekstep.” There has been collaborations, remixes for the likes of MØ, tours with AlunaGeorge and he’s pals with the brilliant TEED, he is most definitely making a name for himself in the music world.

To find out more about FTSE then visit his Facebook page, his Tumblr blog, his BandCamp page, or you can listen on his Soundcloud page.

Below is his second EP ‘FTSE II’:



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