london diary: day 3 – buckingham palace, mildred’s & shopping

Wednesday was a slightly more relaxed day in terms of setting out from the hotel anyway but it soon turned quite hectic and fast paced but I guess that is to be expected in London. We caught the tube across to Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament and take some pictures around there. Last time I was in London I didn’t get to do much of the traditional sight-seeing so I thought I would try and get some of that done this time. The palace of Westminster is a truly beautiful building regardless of your opinions of what goes on in there, it is a wonderful piece of architecture and has seen many of the important moments of British history played out there. We then walked up to Buckingham Palace as we wanted to see the changing of the guard via Downing Street and Horse Guards Parade. My mum loved all the military horses being around she loves horses and used to ride when she was younger so it was a really lovely moment for her. It also turned out that it was Prince George’s Christening that day too so there was security everywhere along with news crews from all over the world but there was a lovely atmosphere there which was nice to experience what they are always on about on the news when it comes to royal occasions like this. We stayed there to watch the changing of the guard and left around 12pm after standing there for around an hour. Before the Christening started but with it not starting until 3pm and with us having shopping to do, we left.

Heading up Pall Mall and then Regent Street I managed to direct us to Lexington Street for where I picked for food without getting lost on the way. Proud moment! Being a vegetarian for almost 10 years and never having the luxury in the UK to visit a vegetarian restaurant I specifically searched the internet for some in London. Mildred’s was one name that kept popping up and having gained brilliant reviews I knew this was the one I needed to try so that is where we went. My mum isn’t vegetarian but she’s quite happy to give up meat and fish for meals and we both absolutely loved this place. It was dinner time so it was pretty busy and I must admit we were slightly squashed as they have got a lot of tables in a very small space but bar that everything else about this place was great. I chose the flatbread with houmous and another dip, which I can’t remember the name of but it had lentils and red pepper in it and it was gorgeous, and I ordered a side of fries with basil mayo. Seriously this was some of the best food I have ever eaten in my life. The chips were cooked to perfection, the dips were lovely, well cooked and a good size flatbread and the basil mayo was beautiful and everything was homemade which made flavours that much stronger and better. Mum had a mushroom and ale pie with mushy peas, again all homemade and it looked lovely and the pie was huge! I was starving when I went in Mildred’s and stuffed when I left and all for prices that would not break the bank. Truly recommend them for any vegetarians and vegans in or visiting the capital!

After dinner it was shopping time, starting on Carnaby Street, we visited some of the shops up there which was full of some lovely stuff and I really could have spent a lot up there but I saved money for Oxford Street which I totally regret now. Oxford Street completely disappointed me if I’m honest, I had this sort of grand idea of how brilliant it was going to be in my head and it just was not like that at all. It was like pretty much any other high street in the country but with more shops on it, there was a lot of stuff that was pretty sub-standard and other places you see everywhere else but the highlights for me were Forever 21 where I spent a fair bit of cash and Selfridges which was a pretty insane place to visit. I only managed a couple of floors there as it was just so packed and huge that it was confusing but what I saw was amazing and completely mind-blowing for someone from Sheffield who has never really seen stores on that scale bar when I visited Macy’s in New York.

After hours and hours walking around London and not spending half as much money as I had anticipated, we headed back to the hotel for a much needed sit down and to get ready for coming back into the centre of London for food. Even though I’d had a full meal earlier in the day with all the walking we’d done we were both starving and headed to a lovely little pub just off Leicester Square for food. I have vegetarian bourginon with mash and vegetables and it was honestly amazing! I’ve never had vegetarian bourginon before but I will definitely be having it again if it was anything that one. Beautiful food at a brilliantly high standard, almost posh restaurant standard but all for pub prices [London pub prices not Sheffield but still]. After a few more [a lot more] drinks we headed back to the hotel for some rest before our final full day in London.

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2 thoughts on “london diary: day 3 – buckingham palace, mildred’s & shopping

  1. Hey! I've read your blog for a while but just realised that you did Journalism at Sheffield, this is hopefully where i'm going next year. Would you recommend the course?


  2. Hey, Well I didn't have the best time at uni but I think that was more to do certain tutors than the actual course. It's a good course and it is interesting, it teaches you everything you need to know and there is plenty of opportunities to try out everything journalism related like writing online, radio, tv etc. But there is also some bad bits, for example some of the modules you can choose for 2nd & 3rd year aren't all that brilliant and slightly pointless. I went to Hallam not Sheff uni, I'm not sure which one you are looking at. I hope that answer helps, sorry the answer was so long winded. 🙂


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