london diary: day 2 – harry potter studio tour & thor 2 premiere

My second day in London was spent at Harry Potter Studios Tour just outside London. I got up super early to get ready and catch the tube through to Euston station where I went on an epic quest to find toast for breakfast which I could not find anywhere! So I settled for a much needed coffee and some fruit for the 20 minute train journey through to Watford Junction and then got the bus transfer through to the studio – which at £2 for a return ticket is brilliant if you plan on getting the train to the studios. Our tour was booked for 12pm but we got their about 45 minutes early which was good as their was massive queues even on a Tuesday in the middle of October.

Below are some of the millions of photos I took while there, I just chose my favourites from my favourite scene set-up’s and parts of the film series:

I genuinely had the best time at the studio tour, I’ll not give away too many details on here in case you haven’t been but it was great to see all the sets and costumes and how everything was made for the screen. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I love the books and the films and the whole world and story of it is just brilliant in my eyes. I’d always read a lot as a child but when the Harry Potter books came out it was something else for me but in terms of films I’d never really been that interested in them or the way they were made until these films were released which has now sparked an interest in films, costumes, set designs, how stories are taken from books to screen etc. It was great throughout the entire thing to not just see sets and costumes but to see the props department, the art department, the set designers etc. You were fully immersed in all things Harry Potter but not in some sort of cheesy, taking things too far way and it was completely brilliant! If you are a fan of Harry Potter and haven’t been yet then make the trip, from the around £30 ticket price it is totally worth it and for all you get to see and experience I would gladly have paid more. It is also a trip that is brilliant for the kids but is interesting and wonderful for adults and teenagers/20-something’s. Having pretty much grown up through the past 10 years or so with Harry Potter films, books etc as a main part in my life then it was a pretty special day for me that is for sure.

After the tour you come out into the shop which is jam packed with all the Harry Potter memorabilia you could wish for – from keyrings, notebooks, pens to wands, cloaks, scarves with cuddly toys and sweets in between. I spent so much money in there but I knew I would so I budgeted for a bank account blow out. I bought Voldermort’s wand [I know I’m not supposed to as he’s evil and all but he has the best wand of the lot in my opinion], a chocolate frog [I wasn’t missing that opportunity], a time turner keyring, a Marauder’s Map mug, a Gryffindor scarf and a Slytherin badge [as I’m a Slytherin I had to buy something Slytherin related] – everything is of insanely good quality so I didn’t mind parting with my cash for this. In terms of the rest of the museum – the staff are lovely and helpful, there is a Starbucks in there [amazing!] and the cafe serves a really good selection of sandwiches, cakes, hot meals and drinks. Total recommend Harry Potter Studios Tour as it is a brilliant day out.

Store Buys:

After heading back to the hotel for around an hour it was time to head back out again as the Thor 2 première was being held in Leicester Square that night and I intended on being there if it was the last thing I did. I managed to get right to the barrier even though I got there like 5 minutes before it started, I was past the red carpet but still close enough to see pretty much everything. Alex Zane was presenting it [my 18 year old self fangirled] and first to arrive was Kat Dennings who looked beautiful and got an amazing reception. Though the biggest amount of screams went to the next person to arrive, Tom Hiddleston, which if I’m honest was one of the main reasons I was there. I was seriously screaming like an idiot, my mum gave me disapproving looks of ‘bloody girls these days’ but it’s understandable being in such close proximity to such a brilliant and let’s not lie, attractive actor. So many people were shouting his name and screaming for him it was ridiculous, he was definitely the man most people came to see. Even when Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth arrived their screams didn’t match Hiddleston levels. I stood there for ages in total awe of the world of premières and film stars and how glamorous and huge it all looked. My personal highlight was Tom’s interview, he was officially the sweetest man ever and when he judged a competition on the best Loki-lookalike to win tickets to the actual première he let all 10 entrants win as he refused to pick just one. Christopher Eccleston was there too which was brilliant for me as a Doctor Who fan and after Chris arrived and the interviews were taking place other celebrities arrived too from the world of music etc. Everyone was shouting for a load of people I had no idea about but I did know when McFly got there and I did scream a lot which was a little embarrassing as no one around me did, come on guys McFly were there. All in all it was a brilliant experience and something I will probably never experience again.

After the première we headed for food at Garfunkel’s on The Strand where I had an amazing vegetarian calzone before heading for a couple of drinks and then back to the hotel after an insane day. It was completely perfect visiting Harry Potter Studios and going to the première and being in the presence of actors, slightly surreal for me to experience parts of it but it is a day I will definitely never forget.

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London Diary – Part 3 and 4 coming soon!

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