new music: the hics

London six piece The Hics first came to my attention last month after reading about them in Clash’s ‘Ones to Watch’ section. After checking out their stuff on Soundcloud I was suitably impressed with not only the music they were making but Clash magazine ability to come up trumps yet again with recommending me some brilliant new music to listen to. So here is me passing on the baton and introducing you to The Hics on my own little blog.

Described in said article as lushly textured electro, these are the type of band that fans of artists like James Blake would love. Started by two drummers and named after the choice of wood for drumsticks, hickory, the band soon expanded to become a sextet with beautiful dual vocals, sparse atmospheric music and creating something really relaxing and beautiful to listen to.

The male/female mash up of vocals from vocalist/guitarist Roxane and vocalist/synth & electronics player Sam Paul Evans works really well. Both have a wonderful element of soul running throughout their voices which compliments the drums, bass, guitar, electronics and sax that are also thrown into every single track of theirs. Meeting in school through a shared love of jazz music gave them the basis from which to work and grown and that aesthetic is something they still incorporate into their songs today.

This is what Clash Magazine had to say about the band in their article on them; “While the jazz influences are still evident, especially in the improvisational manner with which they craft their songs, their sound, and influences, now sit somewhere on the increasingly eclectic electronic spectrum.”

They released their debut EP ‘Tangle’ on the internet last month and it has seen the band build momentum even more with hugely praising features in newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph and The Guardian and selling out their first ever headline show at the 750 capacity Electrowerkz in London, they seem to be turning many heads and for all the right reasons. The EP features 4 tracks – ‘Tangle’, ‘Cold Air’, ‘Russian Dolls’ and ‘Lines’ – each summing up the bands sound perfectly from the jazz influences on the sax solo on ‘Lines’ to the flowing, ambient sounds and melancholy lilt of the singing. It is four tracks that makes you want to hear more from the band though it does leave you satisfied that it is a brilliant piece of music.

For the band now is surely live dates and either a new EP or an album next year. Though while we are waiting we can still listen to the wonderful sounds of ‘Tangle’ which is available to buy from iTunes now.

To find out more about the band or to listen to their music then visit their Facebook page, their Soundcloud page or follow them on Twitter – @the_hics



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