music video: stylusboy – lantern

After the extremely successful Lantern EP released earlier this year it is almost time for the excellent Stylusboy to release their very first album and with the build up to it’s release date, the pair have released a brand new video for the first single from the album ‘Lantern’.

I wrote about this track in my review of the band’s last EP and this is what I had to say about the track; “Title track ‘Lantern’ starts proceedings with a guitar and piano opening; this one is a folk track through and through. It is a wonderful song and one that would be perfect in the setting of a festival with audience members dancing around or sitting on the floor swaying along the soft rhythm of the track.”

This first single will also be the opening track to the pair’s debut ‘Hospitality for Hope’ due for release on 18th November. The track features collaborations from John Parker of Nizlopi on double bass and production contributions from Polly Paulusma. The video itself was directed by Irish poet and film-maker Barry Fitzgerald with the story of two little figures each holding a light for each other against the city backdrops of Coventry and Leamington Spa.

With the album due next month and a short tour visiting cities such as Leeds, Birmingham, Nottingham and Coventry at the beginning of November, it is definitely a busy and exciting time in the Stylusboy camp.

Also, check back on here over the next week for my review of the band’s debut ‘Hospitality for Hope’.

To find out more about Stylusboy visit their website, their Facebook page, listen to their songs on their Soundcloud page or follow them on Twitter – @stylusboy



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