EP Review: Ben Montague – The Truth

Ben Montague
The Truth

Having already released a debut album and gaining considerable attention and success from that with lead single ‘Haunted’, Kent’s Ben Montague is back with a brand new four track EP bound to impress you with its great musicality.

Opening track ‘The Truth’ has brilliant vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, a catchy chorus and a great rhythm running throughout. There’s plenty of pop sensibilities featured in this one with slower flowing verses seeing vocals pitted against guitar and the pace taken up in the chorus with backing vocals creating a bigger sound to the whole thing.

‘Feels Like Forever’ is very different to the previous song with a quiet beginning of very faint guitar and vocals. Hushed sounds build up to a chorus with a great rhythm and slight upbeat pop mixed with folk undertones of petered drums, acoustic strums and the accent of cymbal.

Gentle, tinkling piano starts ‘Miracle [Live At Tile Yard Studios]’ before the soft soulful vocals of Montague come in. It’s a beautiful, flowing ballad of a track and though recorded fully live it sounds just as good if not better, opening itself up musically and emotionally and sounding great.

Final track and longest on the EP is ‘Sleeping With The Lights On’ with a haunting atmospheric start of languid strings and gentle piano backing up the huge vocals that really make their mark and are the main focus of this one.

This is a really great EP that goes through all emotions and tempos from happy, upbeat, dancey tunes to quieter, soft, emotional tracks. It is clear to see that Montague has a brilliant voice and he has written four really great songs for ‘The Truth’.

To find out more about Ben visit his website, his Facebook page, his Soundcloud page or follow him on Twitter – @ben_montague


EP Cover

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