tracks of the week #27

This week, there are tracks from two bands gearing up for their new releases with songs that are bound to kickstart a big amount of excitement from their fans, a brilliant band rightly nominated for the Welsh Music Prize and a song from a band I first saw last year supporting Bastille and have been a big fan of since. I hope you enjoy this week’s picks.

Neon Neon – Hammer and Sickle

Their album has been nominated for the Welsh Music Prize and with the strength of this single it is understandable to see why. Quick beats and deep, almost spacey sounding synth bring this track in creating a steady beat for the high pitched vocals to be built upon. There is a slight 80’s feel to this one but it is brought bang up to date with the guitar distortion drawing out the chords and making them sound almost hollow. It’s a brilliant track and one that makes you want to hear a lot more from the band.

Panic! At The Disco – This Is Gospel

The latest single from the band’s album ‘Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die’ due to be released on Monday sees a track laden with pounded drums and the huge vocals that Brendon Urie can pull off so well in a chorus that screams sing along classic.

Swiss Lips – Danz

With big electro pop synths, a prominent bass and big drumbeats this track has all the elements to create something truly huge and a fast paced rhythm to get you dancing. The electronic sounds mixing with the solid percussion really is a strong mix. If you’ve never listened to Swiss Lips before listen to this track, you will not be disappointed.

We Are Scientists – Good Answer

Taken from their new EP ‘Business Casual’ due out on October 14th, the indie rock duo are back with us after their last release being all the way back in 2010. This one is quite a wonderful lilting tune with acoustic guitar and Keith Murray’s vocals left to fully take charge with the kind of moody lyrics. It is a really good song and though different to a lot of the band’s past work, it shows a growth in sound and proves that We Are Scientists are still one of my favourite bands ever.

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