tracks of the week #25

Jimmy Eat World – The Middle

A classic pop punk anthem that I don’t think anyone could ever get bored of hearing and that I’m pretty sure every single person knows as soon as it starts playing. After seeing the band for the first time this week and being so impressed with how good they were I had to include them in this week’s tracks. This was the set closer, probably quite predictably, but it’s always proof that it’s always a good idea to end on your best.

Summer Camp – Fresh [Thumpers Remix]

With layers of sound and an upbeat, summery feel to this track it’s the perfect antidote to the recent transition to Autumn and the chiller weather. You can’t really make out the lyrics of the vocals very well but they have a brilliant tone to them and they, like the rest of the music, are pleasing to the ear. With funky bass running underneath, the steady beat and the electronic sounds weaving around the song it really is an interesting listen and a really good remix.

Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark

The Chicago quartet’s comeback single when released was met with sheer hysteria all over the internet from fans who had been wishing for this moment for years. After the initial ‘OMG FOB ARE BACK!! THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!’ [just me?] was over and I had the chance to really listen to this track with fresh ears I realised just how brilliant it was, not just coz it’s FOB but because though their sound has changed and they’ve grown up musically as well as personally, it is a really good song with that catchy pop edge to their alternative sound that they have become renowned for. One of the greatest musical moments of this year is clearly this band’s return, welcome back Fall Out Boy you have been missed.

Olly Murs – Right Place, Right Time

If you didn’t already know, I love Olly Murs. His songs are brilliant, when playing live he is amazing and he is the only person who has shown me that The X Factor isn’t all bad. It is terrible but Olly and his music is a good thing to come out of it. This lead single from his recent album is an upbeat pop song that you can’t help but sing along to when it is on the radio.

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