beauty review: natural collections eyeshadow duo – starlight/midnight

Natural Collections Eyeshadow Duo – Starlight/Midnight: This eyeshadow duo I’ve had for a long time and not really used it at all. With it being the cheap and cheerful price of £1.99 and two of the most useful eyeshadows colours in my opinion anyway it was something I picked up but had obviously forgotten about but that is something that I very much intend to change. After using this for the first time the other day I was so impressed with the look I created and the quality of the product that I can see this duo soon becoming one of my most used and favourites. I created a basic smokey eye with this the base of the lighter colour and the darker colour coming in on the top of the outer half it blended together and onto the eye perfectly I used an eyeshadow applicator but I’m sure your finger or a brush will do the same job. I used an eyeshadow base underneath and this helped it stay perfectly in place all day, no fallout at all even though it is a powdery eyeshadow and no folding into the creases. It is not as pigmented as some eyeshadows I have used and it does take a little bit more building up to create a stronger colour but that is no real hassle at all. For the small price, it’s a very good quality product, the fact that you get two shades instead of just one is also a bonus. I would fully recommend Naturals Collection not just for these eyeshadows but for things like powders and mascaras they are really good too and I have used them in the past a lot and been very impressed with the good quality products for such low prices.

Below is the make up look I created with the eyeshadow duo a few days ago:

Natural Collection Eyeshadow Duo, Avon Always on Point Eyeliner in Black and Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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