tracks of the week #22 & august’s playlist

This week’s tracks is yet another mixed bag, is there any other kind of tracks of the week posts from me? Answer: no. Anyway, we have everything from beautiful covers to awesome remixes to some scuzzy rock fresh from my city, I don’t think there is anything more you could ask for. Oh and a new playlist, this one is my August round up playlist so there is plenty of amazing music for you to get your teeth into this week.

Jagwar Ma – Come Save Me [Andrew Weatherall Remix]

We all know I’m a massive fan of this band and Andrew Weatherall is quite obviously one of the greats having such a long and brilliant career. With that in mind this was going to be a track I was really interested in listening to and was excited about and for good reason. Coming in at nearly 7 minutes long it is a remix that takes inspiration from some of the trippy and spaced out sounds of the band and then sups it up with plenty of layers of fast electronics to create a track made for the dancefloor whilst still retaining that cool indie mixed with ‘baggy’ early 90’s sound of Jagwar Ma.

To Kill A King – Funeral

This band have released one of the best albums of this year in my opinion and taken from that brilliant debut ‘Cannibals With Cutlery’ is this early single ‘Funeral’. It’s catchy, has a huge sing a long chorus, trumpets, big drums and melodic guitars, it sounds epic and is one of those tracks you just can’t help but tap your foot along to to sum up – it is one hell of a song.

Bastille – Dreams [Feat Gabrielle Aplin]

I’m a huge fan of this cover, it is genuinely so beautiful and it is one of those songs that I like to listen before I go to sleep as it’s completely perfect and lovely. I really do like what Bastille have done with this song and Gabrielle Aplin has a beautiful voice which matches Dan’s wonderful vocals really well. I could talk about how beautiful this song is all day but instead I just think you should listen to it and see for yourself.

Wet Nuns – Hanging

Sheffield’s very own Wet Nuns have with this song created a song full of snarling vocals, grungey sounds and guitar that stops and starts in such a way that you think the overall riff has been chopped, changed and placed in random parts of the songs. It’s all tinged with rock and roll elements and that slightly chaotic sounds that is on offer here, those staggered guitar strums lead you up to feedback introduced wall of scummy guitar riff noise which takes us through to the end of the track. A song this good has earned the duo track of the week status of Clash magazine’s website and this one is due for release on 15th Sept with Wet Nun’s self titled debut following at the beginning of October.

Finally, here is August’s playlist, it features a lot of bands that I saw at Leeds festival, songs I’ve been listening to a lot this month and some of the big songs and acts from the last couple of months or that have in some way owned this summer. I hope you enjoy!

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